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Mery Engine Project

Apart from balance collecting I am also a model engineer and in this capacity I have built a model of a 1895 internal combustion engine, invented by a Mr Michael L Mery, of Chico, California.

It is in ¼ scale and based on drawings and a set of castings.

The engine is peculiar in that it utilises a 6-stroke cycle, and is double-acting.

I started building it in September 2008 and it ran for the first time on 13.04.2012. Since then I put it on a wooden base and added the radiator, coolant pump and a governor.

It runs on Propane gas (administered by a demand valve) and uses a modern coil-less spark ignition system.

While some of these additions are breaking with tradition the engine starts easily and runs smoothly and reliably.

The pictures show various views of the engine and at the bottom of the page are 2 video clips showing it running.

MVI_1385 (iPhone4).mp4
MVI_1386 (iPhone4).mp4

These files are quite large, so please be patient.